My religion: Art
My scripture: Poetry
My gospel: the Wind
My dreams:  Lucid
My love: Passionate
My life: My own

in her arms

Lost in her.
Time ebbs.
Make way passion.
A river of me flows in your arms.

Burning Cold

I gazed in to a fire
It was burning in my heart

I stood upon the edge
It was the day I fell in love

I soared above the clouds
It was each night within your arms

I trembled cold and lost
It was the day we were no more

Without You

If the wind blows
Let it take my thoughts

If the rains come
Let them wash away my pain

If the sun sets
Let my visions fade

If time stops
Let it erase my memories of ever loving you


Memories spill into the palms of my hands
Whetted moments blackened by the liner on my eyes

A sunset on the beach
A Valentines day in the park
A first date over pizza and beer

Smeared and wiped on the sleeves of my life