I pulled the blanket over my eyes
Hoping you could not see me
Or maybe it was really so that I could not see you
My lump of unmoving flesh and bone still
So still as to not draw your attention
Or maybe it was so I could not feel

The perception of motion lost in shallow breaths
The layers of fabric shrouding my very thoughts
Though the corpse lay silent you knew I was there
Or is it that my memory is you trapped within my head

The opaque blackness in which I hide is home to me
Comfort in the darkness of my constructed realm
Or is it the dark inside that cast this shadow of you
Imprisoned behind tightly closed eyelids

I cannot no more dive deep enough beneath the waves
Or run as fast as time gives chase to hide from you
To forget that you are there or ever were
Is to draw the curtains on my life

An escape unworthy of the existence we once share

To Know Me

Do you know me
Can you claim to unfold my tattered edges
Bindings held together with stubborn lashings
Years upon years repaired
What stories faded in my pages
What comedy laughs in scattered chapters
What tragedy scores dog-eared corners
And then what too is unwritten
Between each line
Softly spoken tales of triumph
And Joy
Between each word
A cry for help
Between every letter
The essence of me
I know myself to be
A cautious description engraved over time
A daring thriller scribbled in haste
An autobiographical masterpiece of emotion
Art in so few words
To read me is to turn each page
Pealing back the good with the bad
Blowing away the years of settled dust
Layers of sediment obscuring hidden verse
Long forgotten psalms
Better forgotten signs
And again I ask
Do you know me
Has light dimmed so much I cannot be read
Has the writing on the wall distracted you
From what lies behind my ragged cover
Have the words seen edits
No one can decipher
The challenge therefore is
To read the unwritten
To glean hope from the unknown
To consume every nuance
To simply
Live inside this shell
Keeper of my life
Lay me at your bedside to consume my every moment
Until the end
The very last word of the very last chapter
On the very last page
The story is my life
In a book with no end

The art of kindness

Look into smiling eyes
A passing stranger turns
Standing ovation from adoring fans
The fallen ballerina
Met with roses as she is carried off the floor
Things happen

Outstretched hands helping
Broken cane
Useless against the uneven ground
Titanium hips strain
Only nine
The elder stranger need not carry her bags alone

Chivalry not dead
She lays shaken on the path
His brother
His friend
A warm coat and strong arms
It’s only 5 miles to the next ranger station
The cellphone would have been easier

Wounded and scared
Lone soldier behind enemy lines
A family risks all
A young man goes home

English is not universal
Young tourists
Cold and lost
Gypsies score a banner day
An open home and open hearts
Warm meals
A shelter from the rain
Stories without words till morning
Hugs a universal gift of thanks

Being alone
Holidays are for the living
And the loved
A neighbors word calls out
Actions of the many benefit the one
She will not be alone this Christmas
As her soulmate watches from above

Et was just a movie
She was only from Ohio
15 year olds do crazy things
Hormones and boys drive us crazy you know
Dad yelled because she got a C
Mr. Rodriguez flew her home from Miami
He owned a dry cleaning store
Flying was his passion

Fire burns uncaring
Tired fighters of the blaze
Sleep no luxury
A warm meal makes its way to exhausted bodies
Night after night
Homes lost
Memories gone
But you saved our pets
You saved our lives
Life all life
So much more important than things