Twin Dragon Vase


Dragon Vase Dragon Vase Dragon Vase Dragon Vase









The Twin Dragon Vase is the last large fine art ceramic piece I created before I graduated from art school at ECU. As described in earlier posts this cast iron like glaze is fired to cone 6 on a cone 10 white stoneware body.  Spraying the glaze took a little finesse to avoid getting too think on the dragon sculptures and their claw marks scaling the vase. Inspired by Greek and Roman pottery, the pot was thrown in two separate pieces. Each dragon was made off the pot and latter married to each other and the neck of the vase using a lot of slip and deep scratching. It took about 2 weeks to create and allow to dry properly.  I PRAYED this piece made it through all the firings in one piece.  I was really big into Japanese Art and Medieval literature at the time of it’s making.  So I guess this piece is an amalgamation of many thoughts and styles crashing in my head at once.  And yes I got an A in that class 🙂

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