Girl in Pink

My latest portrait done in graphite on paper. I am starting to feel my abilities slowly coming back to me. I will never give up my art again.

2014-05-29 21.07.54

Clematis Henryi – Watercolor

This is my latest and a first. I created this watercolor and charcoal for my mom on Mother’s Day. I have never used watercolors before, except maybe when I was five. It is definitely not as easy as you might think. There is no do over. You cannot simply paint over an area and start again. For an oil painter that is a tad annoying. Overall I think this is not too bad for a n00b. Mom is happy and that is what really matters.
Clematis Henri

Te Amo

Te Amo“Te Amo”, a recent painting I did for my best friend’s birthday. She wanted a sugar skull. I wanted to make it special. The Incan Cross is in honor of her Peruvian home. The rest is just me putting a whole lot of love into a painting for someone dear to my heart.

18×24 Oil on canvas.

My Song

Younger than my age.
Not safe for work.
Articulate, sometimes.
Liberal, always.
I pulled a u-haul behind my jeep and I moved in, with myself.
BIG sailboats out of the sight of land.
Jeep in a Baja MX desert way out of sight of man.
Wreck diving the Philippines.
Sleeping bag under the stars in the bed of a good friend’s pickup.
The National Gallery all day long.
No words in my songs.
Oil paint on a white skirt.
Motor oil on everything but the engine I rebuilt.
Teddy bear named BooBoo in my bed.
Four pillows for my legs, arms and head.
Laughing until I cry.
A few more hours I almost died.
Best friend I met in Sweden.
West Coast you are my Eden.
The beach, ocean and stars above.
20 pounds lost after 20 years the same.
Labels do no justice to the person I am.
Two lives lived, I have loved lost and am…
Complex and confident.
I never kissed a man.
Accepting the variety of us all.
But my own worst enemy when I fall.
Not a Rose but an Orchid or maybe just star.
Falling from the skies, I am stardust as are we all.
Friend, daughter, aunt, cousin but never a mom.
I am an artist, musician, nerd and this is my song.