Linear Opposition



Today’s painting from 30,000 feet. -#art #digitalpainting #digitalart #abstract

In Dreams, again.

In_Dreams (2)
A cubist inspired version of an earlier painting. An artist must constantly explore, yes?

In Dreams – Unfinished

Here is an example of me not being satisfied with an original painting and then painting over it to get a whole new feeling from the same painting.  Digital painting make this ridiculously easy to do. I got this far and had to step back from it to see if I felt better about where it was going. I do. But I still find myself very frustrated painting on such a small surface that does not have the feel of pain or the resistance. But I think I am progressing and loosening up a little better.in_dreams


City_NightTo pass the time on a recent trip to Phoenix, I doodled on my iPad again. I was crammed between two people in the middle seat with little elbow room. Hunched over to avoid elbowing my neighbors in the gut, I had to improvise how I held the stylus and my iPad. 2 hours into the flight my back was a screaming. Oh the life of an artistic explorer.

I had no idea what to paint so I just laid on the dark colors and start thinking about my classes in art school focusing on 2 and 3 point perspective. I also had a few images in my head from a really amazing painter by the name of Jeremy Mann. His cityscapes are wonderful images that one might feel were captured in a dream he then painted. The use of light and shadow and a more suggestive style rather that realism is quite amazing.