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Absence of Art

I have been away. Away from this blog, away from art… AWAY! 

Of this we have no doubt. So much has transpired since my last post on this blog. Most of it I am still dealing with. Little of it will I mention in this post. Let’s just say more than a couple life altering events have transpired in the past 2 years that have really, really sucked. And it has all affected my art.

I’ve not written a poem in a few years. I’ve seemingly not been working on my art either. However in the past 4 months I’ve been in a unique situation allowing me and incredible amount of free time to build my art-self back up. If you have followed me on Instagram, AmazonRising, you would know I have been very busy. Maybe not as busy as I need or want to be but definitely working on my art. 

I am slowly working on a new website for my portfolio and web store at I plan to use Amazon Rising just for my blogging again and as kind of a catch-all of things. But my art will be all me. Branded me.

Please check out all of my new art work.  Think you will really like it. I have eclectic tastes and wild desires which means I do not focus on one thing very well. LOL My portfolio is a smorgasbord of sketches, graphic art, portraiture, plein air painting and a few other styles for good measure. I like to mix things up and experiment. Since getting an iPad Pro a couple-few months ago, I’ve been focusing heavily on digital art. 

That is where I am today. Working on my art more than I have in many years. It brings me joy, provides needed distraction and to be honest, it is the path I chose decades ago, but somehow lost. Well I found it again and the Adsense of Art in my life is in the past. This is the path on which I must follow to the end. 

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