Pensive in Stockholm

Pensive in StockholmThis is my latest complete digital painting of my best friend based on a photograph I took of her in Stockholm, Sweden. This was done on my iPad as usual. It is all I have for my digital artwork and works quite well. I use Procreate and good active stylus. I used a technique I had only experimented with before and I am pretty happy with the results. Painting on glass with almost no resistance from the plastic stylus tip is very frustrating at times. Add to that the size of an iPad screen and no palm protection and well… undo is my friend. Total time 5 hours sitting in my favorite coffee shop.


Linear Opposition



Today’s painting from 30,000 feet. -#art #digitalpainting #digitalart #abstract

In Dreams, again.

In_Dreams (2)
A cubist inspired version of an earlier painting. An artist must constantly explore, yes?

In Dreams – Unfinished

Here is an example of me not being satisfied with an original painting and then painting over it to get a whole new feeling from the same painting.  Digital painting make this ridiculously easy to do. I got this far and had to step back from it to see if I felt better about where it was going. I do. But I still find myself very frustrated painting on such a small surface that does not have the feel of pain or the resistance. But I think I am progressing and loosening up a little better.in_dreams


City_NightTo pass the time on a recent trip to Phoenix, I doodled on my iPad again. I was crammed between two people in the middle seat with little elbow room. Hunched over to avoid elbowing my neighbors in the gut, I had to improvise how I held the stylus and my iPad. 2 hours into the flight my back was a screaming. Oh the life of an artistic explorer.

I had no idea what to paint so I just laid on the dark colors and start thinking about my classes in art school focusing on 2 and 3 point perspective. I also had a few images in my head from a really amazing painter by the name of Jeremy Mann. His cityscapes are wonderful images that one might feel were captured in a dream he then painted. The use of light and shadow and a more suggestive style rather that realism is quite amazing.