As She Sleeps

Blow out the candles
Dry your tears
Look up and hope there’s still one for you
Look up and hope she’ll think of you
There’s nothing you can say, nothing will do
She’ll never look your way, you’ll never see her smile
You have to lose it all, to gain everything now and then
Yet I wish I was alone than without you right this day
You’re slipping through my fingers as I look at you while you sleep
Wishing that moment would never end but all I can do is weep
Promises broken, why won’t you see my love as a token, look at my wound that’s still open
It was over before it started but please don’t let me go right this moment
Think about what you’re doing leaving me in this cold bleeding nest
They can say all they please yet they’ll never know what hides behind these gates


This is a beautiful poem written by a friend of mine. She is beautiful young woman, singer and songwriter, with so much passion and energy. I think she is much more talented than she believes herself to be. I am honored she agreed to let me post her poem. I hope too get her to write some more. To my friend. Thank you <3



Contributed by guest author: Amber

Love bursts forth from your heart:
A dam break, overflowing, overwhelming,
Quenching the thirst of parched hearts.
And yet here I stand,
Alone and silent
In the desert three thousand miles away,
Surrounded by cracked rock and dust,
Withering away.
Merrily you go about your life
Oblivious to pain,
Turning the other cheek to suffering;
Not an offer but a shield,
Carved ice between you and the
Wasteland of my mind.
Your laughter bubbles like champagne,
The cork popping in celebration of
All that is good and fair in your existence;
And yet, here I sit,
Grieving silently over the jagged pieces of my heart
That you, smiling, placed in my hands
Before walking away.