What Demons are These?

What Demons are these lurking in my head.
Waiting in the shadows, they stalk me each night.
By day they sleep, distant memories of the past.
At night they awaken feasting on my fears.
The present is fleeting but the past is always there.
What empty canvas that lays before me.
Painted in blood, painted in hope.
Conflicts of thought.
Conflicts made real.

I wake each morning, having slain a demon each night.
They are reborn in my dreams. They fear the light.
But still they are there every hour of my life.
Waiting, watching until the time comesĀ  right.
Weakness. Vulnerable. Scared and lost.
They come forth and pray on my thoughts.

I wish them away. I battle to do right.
The demos are strong.
But I mange to triumph, though they are small.
Glowing embers of the battle pries burn on.
Every day, Every night.
I must battle these demons.
I must fight for my life.

What I Seek.

What I seek,
Is a home for my soul,
A place to rest my weary mind,
Love to warm my heart,
And someone to share it all with.

What I seek,
Is understanding and compassion,
A place of acceptance where I may thrive,
Deep Friendships to fill my life,
And laughter to ease the pain.

What I seek,
Is what we all must have,
Love, Warmth, Compassion, Acceptance, Friendship and Laughter,
And I will share it with you all.

Nikki’s Dream

Careless finger ripple the fragile waters.

Fight not me, emptied tormentor.
Coming in blows from sides from terraces, limping derelicts of layered memories.
Break me. Oh break me.
I am shards of dreams.

Mend this shell, a gossamer shanty, a tattered vessel in endless dances of painful steps.
Calm me. Oh calm me.
I am on grounds of shallow content.
Gazing away in endless turns.

Darkened halls of crystals fallen.
Shattered… Shattered utterly.
Shattered and ground into eternity.
Touch me. Oh touch me.
Felt, healing distances poured out in lines of aged skin.

Where did I go.
Calling. Calling….. Calling.
No answer.
She walks up slowly with sullen thoughts burned in the lines of her face.

Picking up pieces.
Picking up pieces.
Picking up puzzled pieces.
No edges to fit.

Discarded. Drained.
Silently weeping across the watter.
Mists Faded.
Mists. Becalmed.

There is nothing here she cries out.
There is nothing,
Then nothing.
Then nothing…. and he is gone.

-Nichole Elizabeth Shannon, “Nikki Dreams”

The Evil God

“It is not yours to have. You can never be.”

The words echo in her ears as she bleeds tears of shattered emotions.
Like torrents of cold dark rain. The pain consumes her.
“Oh God help me. Please help me!” She cries.
There is only silence. Deafening silence.

“Can you hear that?”
“Yes. The silence. It’s all around me. ”
The mere thought of words echo painfully in the emptiness.
“Where are you?”
No reply. The painful void grows.

She arrives and there is nothing.
A stillness covers the night in black and shapeless silence.
Nothing is said . Only her the breath breaks the calm.

“Take this vessel. It was created by the finest artisans.”
“Take this vessel so that you may know.”

The vessel glows golden with its own light.
Encrusted with jewels like fiery suns of hope in the distant sky.
It’s warmth consumes the shadows.
It’s radiance shatters the quiet surroundings.

“I give this to you.”
“I give you this vessel to carry and admire always.”
“You may never part with it.”
“Drink from it. Your thirst will never be satisfied.”
“Look in to it. It will always be void.”

“I give you this to hold the emptiness.”
“Drink from it to replenish your pain.”
“The gift is yours. For you will never know life without it.”
“I give this to you and I will watch you suffer.”
“I give you this empty vessel of false hope.”
“You will never know more than what this vessel holds.”
“I will give you nothing more.”


The Light of Life – A Steam of Consciousness Poem

Time is my curse from which I cannot hide.
Love is my savior from which I draw strength.
The hours, the days, the feelings inside.
Grow and live my life to it’s length.

I seek neither pity nor charity be mine.
Life is the gift and the way I must flow.
Bring me no pain I have no more time.
Breath each breath and cherish what I know.

The sun will set and moon has its day.
I will feel comfort and not fear the night.
The sun will again rise for that is the way.
The circle of life and all that is right.

I live for each moment.
I love every day.
Time cannot harm me.

The light leads my way.