The Encounter

The awkward moment when you realize
You have been staring at her across the bar for what seemed like hours
Her smile
They way she moves
Eyes glistening in little twilight sparkles
The faint lights meant to capture the bottles lined up along the wall
Falling into the corners of her smiling eyes
Moist lips hint at the cool libation as the glass pulls away
You notice her swirl the drink in her mouth
As she stirs the flavor across her tongue
Oh to be a Martini
That glass of Chardonnay
The subtle charcoaly undertones of good whiskey
A liquid kiss upon her perfect mouth
Her head turns
You quickly look away
You don’t want her to notice you are looking
Not yet anyway
Talking to some guy her attentions refocus
Did she notice my eyes locked on hers
Who is she talking to
A friend
A lover
A husband
You scan her hands for clues
Those beautiful long thin fingers and black painted nails
Questions race through your mind
“I have to know”
That question sticks in your mind
Peanut butter thoughts not easily washed away
Your hands drawing the glass to your lips
Very slowly
Like some cheesy scene from a movie
You peer out as you sip and look out over the glass
Pupils up in your eyebrows
Safely hidden behind your curtain of iced warmth
A sensual moment of fiction and reality
Lights warm along the shadows of her face
She has green eyes
You swirl the drink in your mouth like her
Slow moments of clarity taste like passion spreading on your tongue
She turns again
Eyes connect with questions
You do not turn
You do not flinch
The excitement of being caught fills you
A well of anxiousness or is that fear swells in your stomach
She leans in to her friend, lover, husband
Whispers in his ear strike daggers in your chest
They are together
But you cannot look away
Liquid courage or something else
You pause for a second
Tallying the evening’s drinks
Not drunk
Not blinded nor tainted
The captivation is all her
If only she were gay
If only passing glances in a bar were not expected
If only her vision was as clear as yours
She draws back from her friend, lover, husband as he walks away
What did she say
Her left hand now slowly raising the glass to her lips
No ring
The silhouette of her hand vibrates against her black leather coat
Her eyes looking up across the room at you
Your butterflies take flight
Your eye reaching out to her returning gaze
She did notice
Her glass slowly lowers exposing soft moist lips
And a smile

The Scent of a Woman

Her lips fall from her cheek. Her lips leave delicate caresses moving slowly along her lovers neck. A familiar scent tempts her senses. As her nose grazes the softest parts of her neck and fills with the warmth of her skin and the scent of a woman. She stops to inhale all she can absorb. Her lover deep within her arms. She rests her chin and cheeks withing the comforting cradle between her shoulder and neck.

Laying there almost motionless she waits. Breathing gently, delicately along the depth of her lover’s neck. Just below and slightly behind her ear. Her lover quivers at the soft brushes of warm breath. She takes in slow deep breaths from her lover’s body. The scent is intoxicating. Her eyes close as she takes in the sweet, warm fragrance. A rush flows over her body as she takes breath after breath of her lover.  Together they flow within each other only aware of the other. Safe in loving embrace.

Sorry guys this is not for you. I realize men do love women as women do men. And that is all very beautiful too. But there is no comparison for what a woman can share with another woman. Our sense of smell and touch, power of emotion and depth of passion. It is beyond magical.

I sensed this from a very early age. I have never been promiscuous or even that adventurous in reality. Maybe it was fear, maybe it was circumstance, But I always noticed. I always felt it. I remember my first girlfriend well. She would leave her scent on my cloths, the notes she left me and in my mind. I could remember every detail of her and later girlfriends by remembering that fragrance. The way a woman’s skin  smells. Fresh from the shower, after a light workout, while she is making love. It is so very intoxication.

No perfumes or man-made scents can compare. There are many wonderful perfumes that enhance a woman’s unique scent. But too much and the effect is lost. I love, Adore and Desire women. I always have. I know more than ever that will never change. I am proud to be an out open lesbian.  My life has been blessed by some amazing women as frineds and lovers. Even now I cannot help but study a beautiful woman as she walks by. Not out of lust but out of sheer artistic appreciation. The female form is the most amazing thing to behold. There is beauty in all women.

The way she walks. The way she smiles, laughs, loves and cries. The way she brushes the hair from her face on a windy day. The way she turns and smiles at a passing friend. The way she lights up a room. The way she holds her infant child as she breast feeds. I admit to being an admirer of the superficial. But I love what is inside just as deep. I cannot help what I like. What I adore. None of us can. It is the way we are born. I was born to love and cherish women. And I respectfully do so with great pleasure every day.

Every once in a while that amazing scent is lifted in to the air. When you realize it on the street, in a shop or anywhere…. OMG the memories and the warmth… the desire.

I know many women are horrified at the thought of another women finding her attractive. But you should not be. I do not want to be with every woman I see or meet. Not all women are attractive in that way to me. And so it is for anyone. But there is still this undeniable beauty non-the-less. More often than not I simply enjoy the gift of admiring her beauty. I notice women. I love fashion. I can watch other women for hours on end simply enjoying how each moves or the simple silhouette in the sunlight. I capture women in my mind for inspiration. I only hope I can express my fondness for women in a meaningful and beautiful way in my art and writing.

To all women – thank you for being you. You are beautiful.