The Emptiness is My Art


I struggle to make peace with you
Your bony withered hand
Clenched in a ball around my heart
Time drags on along quiet empty shores
Your faded dying skin
Wrapped like worn gauze around my bones
The warmth of feeling distant in my mind
Your wretched smile
Trapped in mirrors before me
My eyes blackened in the gray of living
Your stream of whispers
Silencing the music in my ears
Memories peeling off my papered walls
You tear my soul
Discarded shreds of life from colored pages
Beaten down a crawl at snails pace
You impeded my stride
Iron balls weighting mortal thoughts deep
The sands no match for your gale
Each grain etch and scars a constant reminder
A endless symphony of monotone chants
This is your destiny
This your tragic way
The torch of cold lifeless flame
Burns brighter each loveless day
I struggle to make peace with you
The emptiness is my art
Your charge to care for always
We are bound forever cold
My lost and lonely heart

Strength of Life

What heart does not hurt that has not lost
What day is not long that has no sun

Searching, ever searching
My soul the intrepid explorer
The adventure of life
Chances not taken regrettable but past

Why do we not sleep the endless quest for self
Why alone is not a part of our making

Exploring, ever exploring
Unsatisfied lover within
Breaking tradition, rules and sweat
Following paths made of love and ambition

Why is there life after love
Why is death not the fate of a broken heart

Forgiving, ever forgiving
Ourselves, family, frineds and past regressions
Isolation of self answers no prayer
Strength of life to power a galaxy of suns

Why not now when needed most
Why not then when paired in passion and experience

Loving, ever loving
Myself, ourselves requisite firsts to succeed
Not all puzzles fit nor glasses unbroken
Hope in the dark a lone souls bright beacon

Not all answers are songs of a question
Not every moment is shared though felt and remembered

Hoping, ever hoping
Hope is the dream, forgiveness and loving
Living, ever living
Life is the journey, searching and exploring

Hope is the dream, forgiveness and loving