Fair Winds

I cast my heart into the open
Carried on the waters of trust
Blown by the winds of your soul
A chance at something taken
The fear of being in the open and exposed overcome
Desire the star that guides me leads to you

That it does not matter swells and storms
Tides of thoughts are the gravity of you
Brightest star and heavenly body
Nothing of the past nor demons on the seas shall change my course
Adventures together shall I walk land again
True North my compass set for you

I set my mind sails close hauled
A course of purpose beating to windward
The harbor of you a destiny of hope
Landing safely in your arms
A prize greater than any race won
Fair winds my vessel sails the oceans for you

Fear to Love

I think of her…
And the words flow from my fingers like the swollen rivers of Spring’s Winter thaw.

I see her image…
And my mind wonders in and out of passion and desire.

I speak to her…
And the weight of long past heartbreaks weigh my words unspeakable.

I wish…
That who I am inside is what she sees despite my cautious way.

I toil hopeful…
That the walls around my heart will fall so that I can let her in.

I dream…
Of the day I am no longer afraid to fall in love.

Burning Cold

I gazed in to a fire
It was burning in my heart

I stood upon the edge
It was the day I fell in love

I soared above the clouds
It was each night within your arms

I trembled cold and lost
It was the day we were no more

Without You

If the wind blows
Let it take my thoughts

If the rains come
Let them wash away my pain

If the sun sets
Let my visions fade

If time stops
Let it erase my memories of ever loving you


Memories spill into the palms of my hands
Whetted moments blackened by the liner on my eyes

A sunset on the beach
A Valentines day in the park
A first date over pizza and beer

Smeared and wiped on the sleeves of my life

Thoughtful Garden

Lavender Garden

When finally she came with whispers on her breath
The smell of fresh jasmine clinging to the hems of her simple dress
Her eyes caressing the silhouetted form at the edge of beds in color and green
Tall stands of lavender and sage pressing her along an inviting mossy path
Spring’s symphony directed in rows of weeping willow and apple blossom balconies

Slow and innocent approach her lover turns her head a shoulders view
The corner of her eyes filled with light struck on amber flowing locks
Her hand rises over her breast to rest gently shouldered and waiting
The other crossed under patiently brushing along her silken bathed side

A simple invitation of greeting eyes drawn closer along the path
Gracefully meeting front to back she strokes the waiting hand upon her shoulder
The fabric of their frocks dancing together in playful fragrant breezes
Pressed jasmine petals falling to their feet as embraced figures settle in

Arms wrap around like wisteria seeking home upon the lattice
Warm passion blossoms as her hands fall into her lover’s waiting arms
Carefully planted her cheek rests safely upon the welcome shoulder

Light painting wistful strokes over two a canvas blending to one
Encouraging wind brushing back golden hair exposed soft skin shivers
Her lips find way rising slowly over milky perfumed skin
A simply pierced attentive ear sparkles silver and white

A moments pause the symphony of spring yields in anticipation
She frees soft breath of words meant true and dear eternal
Only three, at the edge of the thoughtful garden

Spanish Angel

What chance love Spanish angel
Willingly meant forever
Wantingly keep close to heart

What chance love Spanish angel
Despair not distance
Think not differences

What chance love Spanish angel
Youth in constant memory
Wisdom matures timely pursuit

What chance love Spanish angel
To hold most dear thoughts
To bare unborn memories

What chance love Spanish angel
Mi amore
Mi sueño contigo

Strength of Life

What heart does not hurt that has not lost
What day is not long that has no sun

Searching, ever searching
My soul the intrepid explorer
The adventure of life
Chances not taken regrettable but past

Why do we not sleep the endless quest for self
Why alone is not a part of our making

Exploring, ever exploring
Unsatisfied lover within
Breaking tradition, rules and sweat
Following paths made of love and ambition

Why is there life after love
Why is death not the fate of a broken heart

Forgiving, ever forgiving
Ourselves, family, frineds and past regressions
Isolation of self answers no prayer
Strength of life to power a galaxy of suns

Why not now when needed most
Why not then when paired in passion and experience

Loving, ever loving
Myself, ourselves requisite firsts to succeed
Not all puzzles fit nor glasses unbroken
Hope in the dark a lone souls bright beacon

Not all answers are songs of a question
Not every moment is shared though felt and remembered

Hoping, ever hoping
Hope is the dream, forgiveness and loving
Living, ever living
Life is the journey, searching and exploring

Hope is the dream, forgiveness and loving